Reclaim Your Confidence

A journey to discover and clear any blocks limiting you from being your Best Confident Self and Discovering and Reclaiming the innately present Confidence from within you. 

Whatever you are looking for, it is all in you !

The Journey to
Reclaiming Your Confidence

From my experience in working with people, I can very comfortably say that each of us have the innate potential to be whatever we really want to be. Yet it feels like a battle sometimes, with peers, society, with our own sense of self , setbacks in life in the form of failures, feedback, things gone wrong, incidents that may have happened etc and these unknowingly can eat away the sense of self and confidence.

Often times, these are hidden blocks and because it is hidden, overcoming it becomes that much harder.

Through Reclaim Your Confidence program , we will start to uncover these blocks, overcome them . Along with that we will work on building a really strong sense of self , learn powerful skills to enhance Confidence and build a future with this Empowered Confident Sense of Self.

Self Confidence – that infinitely strong yet invisible power that makes it possible to fulfil dreams, live with integrity, and find fulfilment. It is an invisible force that in some way add a flavour to different aspects of our life.

But before we go any further, let me ask you this … 

How Do You Feel Mostly Now A Days?

Curious? Scared? Careful? Anxious? Angry? Demotivated?
Stressed at work?
Worried that you’ll make mistakes?
Worried what others may think of you?

What has happened to the Confidence you have perhaps once experienced?
Have you ever wondered about that?

There are a no:of reasons why it may become difficult to access the Confidence we actually have. Past failures, regrets, Lack of belief in oneself and one’s abilities, Unuseful Habits … to mention a few, and this Low Confidence can impact us in many way.

Lack of Confidence and Low Self Esteem is sneaky …
and it can manifest in a no:of ways

Feeling stuck, feeling inferior to others in someway, Feeling anxious, Feeling nervous to talk to people, Feeling socially isolated, Feeling demotivated … there is no end to how Low Confidence and Low Self Esteem could manifest . Without even realising, it can take over different aspects of our Life. 

But the good news is … 

Confidence – is discoverable & learnable. 

Why Coaching ?

In my job as a Life & Performance Coach, I am always blown away by what people can achieve once they find their Self Confidence and start feeling good about themselves.

As you may already know, having poor self confidence or low self esteem can make many things really difficult.

Conversely, when you have self confidence that is solid and reliable, most things become easy AND fun as well!

Coaching is just that pit-stop to refuel yourself, rediscover yourself and reclaim your best self. 

A Life Coach is someone who is professionally trained and equipped with tools to support someone navigate through the challenges one might be facing.

Coaching is enabling one to live a life of freedom and choice as opposed to the conditioning from the past. It is about creating ways of thinking and being that enables one to live a life that one really wants to live. 

Life Coaching

Who is This Program For?

This program is for anyone and everyone who wants to live a fulfilling life and express themselves fully. You may be a home maker, an executive, a student, a child – if you would love to feel good and confident about yourself and live an enriched life, then this program is for you. 

What are you Likely to get from this program?

Some of the benefits of this program is

– Become aware of your unconscious blocks in being your best
– Access being your best self in most situations
– Discover your innate strengths and being to start feeling really good about yourself
– Learn to Communicate powerfully with yourself and people around you
– Overcome Fears and Anxieties that may be holding you back
– Build a Healthy Sense of Self
– Feel more driven and motivated
– Know yourself better
– Learn Skills to build a Healthy Sense of Self

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance.
It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."
Timothy Galleway

About the Coach

After having worked in IT for almost a decade, I very willingly pursued my interest in working with people through Coaching. I am truly fascinated by human nature and the unbelievable power and possibilities that rests within each of us. 

An NLP Master Practitioner and Neoway Life Coach, I am willingly obsessed with unearthing the mysteries of the mind and beyond and I get all fired up with the idea of seeing people having breakthroughs and growing. 

If our paths ever cross ways, I would love for you to leave feeling fuller and richer and more alive from within. I get great joy in seeing people flourish and thrive in their own ways. 

My primary modality of work is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Sunitha Ramadurai

NLP Master Practitioner and Neoway Master Coach

" All great things begin on the inside. You have greatness inside of you. Now is the time to unlock it"
Jim Kwik

What People Have Shared

Here are a few things people have shared

Sunitha is an incredibly talented life coach. She knows what questions to ask to help you find out what you really need to work with, which might not always be what you thought underlying to the root of the problem-and she can help find it! She also has an amazing tool box of techniques and I felt very safe under her intuitive wing to all that came up. I have no hesitation in recommending Sunitha, a truly genuine and experienced practitioner who can help guide you to find a way forward, wherever it is you wish to go. ??

Julie Wan

Before coaching with Sunitha I had terminated a coaching relationship with a business coach who left me far worse off than I was before the coaching process..I couldn t figure out why and was in a very unhealthy state of confusion and self doubt..Sunitha s firm but gentle prodding and her NLP exercises led me into a wonderful journey with my unconscious mind..And I finally cracked the code and discovered my Holy Grail..As my personality integrated I discovered Enneagram coaching ..and am consequently enjoying the bliss and fulfillment that comes ONLY when you discove r your Life Mission..It was the deep journey into the subconscious largely influenced by NLP work that catalyzed this breakthrough!! I am eternally grateful to you dear coach

Lilibeth Viaplana
Emotional Intelligence Coach

My coaching experience was really good. Before the sessions my self esteem was almost nil. Now it’s like a totally different life. During sessions slowly I started to see a positive side of my life.

Neeraj Narayanan
Student, 20 years old

Dear Sunitha, I’m so grateful for the amazing sessions I’ve had with you. You’re talented and skilled at what you do. You helped me opening up new perspectives of issues, that I was stuck on, and the knowledge I got from you I can use in all areas of my life. Furthermore you are an empathic person, a good listener and in general just a really nice person!

Camilla Skjøth

I’m very skeptical of alternative therapies that aren’t scientifically peer reviewed. But I can’t deny from a personal stand point that for all efforts and purposes I appear to not have my usual allergic triggers cause a reaction.

It confounds me a little, but from the perspective of anecdotal proof, Sunita pulled off a miracle of sorts!

Sharan R

You are a kind soul and down to earth personality. You are so humble that any one can feel comfortable with you to share their problems.The way you understand people is amazing.The practices that you do during the session to help out people so that they can get solution of their problems themselves it helps to understand themselves better.

Shilpa Sharma
Project associate at IIT Madras

Sunitha is an excellent coach. She listened to everything i had to say, sometimes even my nonsense. I had a great time talking to her, she is very easy to gel with and i was very comfortable opening up to her. She helped me alot in my journey to find myself.

Samiksha Hegde

I highly recommend working with Sunitha ….. She’s a total professional with many tools at her disposal… She has a great Outlook and bubbly personality..

When I met Sunitha I was Re-living a past trauma. Every time I heard a police siren.. I was completely taken over and reliving the trauma over and over again..

Working with Sunitha from inEssence Coaching, I was able to place completely different meaning on that experience…. I have since let go of the fear, terror and anxiety I was experiencing in my head..
This has had a very big impact on my everyday life. Stress levels way down.My focus has changed. It feels great.
It is with gratitude and pleasure that I recommend you working with Sunitha if you get the opportunity. She is totally committed to her clients and the Outcome “They” desire…

Thank You Sunitha

Rob Cummins

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